SureDeploy + SCCM

What isSCCM?

SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) from Microsoft provides an all-inclusive management solution designed to facilitate the deployment, management, and security of devices and applications within an organisation's IT infrastructure.

Key points to consider for SCCM users

SureDeploy extends the functionality of deployment solution Intune, providing you with a seamless and highly secure solution for your endpoint device management & maintenance.

Our application packaging team combined with our platform offer subscribers:

Automated app deployments

Custom app packaging and updates. Manage the lifecycle of your applications, ensure all applications are updated and tested regularly and rolled out without disruption to users.
Previous version storage and deployment support N-3.

Supported MSI(MST)/MSP/EXE & PowerShell (Delivered Binaries).

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Managed service for app packaging

Our processes are industry proven and quality-driven. Together with tracking, management, reporting and automated systems, we seamlessly provide our packaging services from our cloud solution.

Monthly update of all Apps Group Policy Library (Supporting ADMX/ADML).

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Online portal for app deployments

SureDeploy has 900 pre-packaged applications for SCCM for you to choose from. One of the most essential parts of SureDeploy is App Fresh.

This keeps all your Line of Business (LOB) applications like, Adobe, Office and Google Chrome secured and up-to-date across all devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Intune and SureDeploy at the same time?
Yes. SureDeploy was developed to overcome the complexity of setting up and living with your Microsoft Intune Tenant. It simplifies and automates some of Intune's most time consuming processes and significantly reduces the learning curve for already overworked IT teams. If you currently deploy software with Intune or deploy apps via intune, SureDeploy can help.
Does SureDeploy replace Intune?
Yes... and no. SureDeploy has been specifically designed to work together with Microsoft Intune, to make it easier and faster to set up your Intune tenant. Once it's all set up, you can however use the SureDeploy portal rather than the Intune portal to manage your devices, policies and applications .
Does SureDeploy work with other MDM solutions
Yes, SureDeploy can work with other mobile device management solutions, though this is dependent on what you are trying to achieve. For example, for application packaging the applications would need to be available in a format that's compatible with your existing platform. If you currently have a third-party mobile device management solution in place and want to learn more, please get in touch.
We currently deploy software with Intune. Can SureDeploy help?
Yes. SureDeploy streamlines the set-up of your Intune tenant and provides you with a wide range of policies which make it far easier to deploy software with Intune and deploy apps via Intune. If you are currently using Intune to deploy apps, get in touch and we can walk you through how SureDeploy can help save IT budget and time in this process.

"When we went searching, SureDeploy came up trumps in terms of its offering and value. SureDeploy has really alleviated complexity associated with desktop management, and enables us to seamlessly provide a reliable, fully updated and secure desktop solution."

Kevin GreyOperations Director, Emerge IT
Ben Mitrevski, Head of IT, Oroton

“Previously, setting up a store would take days – excluding travel time. As SureDeploy is so quick and easy to use, it has reduced the time required to set up a new store from days to minutes. It has also significantly reduced deployment time both for new stores and replacement devices.”  

Ben MitrevskiHead of IT, Oroton

“Thanks to CNS and SureDeploy, we were able to add 1,400 new devices to our existing environment with very minimal interruption, and without requiring any additional IT staff. Application updates and security patches are now deployed automatically, and the entire administration process is now far more streamlined and effective. It was the smoothest device rollout we have had in over 18 years.” 

Lyle CorvisyHead of ICT at St Andrew's

“While St Catherine’s has always provided a very high quality technology experience to students, the benefit of SureDeploy has really been from an IT administration and security perspective. The automation and rapid deployment of applications, policies, updates and patches has been invaluable.”

Brendan El-HadiICT Services Manager, St Catherine's School
I CNS client data.