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A partnership with SureDeploy offers a wide range of benefits for you as a managed services provider or technology distributor. As well as giving you a powerful tool for automated, secure and efficient deployment services, you also gain a new and ongoing licensing revenue stream. More efficient and streamlined for you. Better results for your clients. Plus, our expert team is here to support you at every step.

Why become a
SureDeploy Partner?

New revenue stream

Earn licensing commission on new SureDeploy agreements and renewals.

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Lower the Intune learning curve

SureDeploy automates many of the complex tasks in Intune – making it far easier for your team to service your clients.

Lower your support overheads

Our expert team is here to support you and your clients, 24/7. Reduce overheads with a consistent, single operating system across all client accounts.

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Offer security and compliance services

Easily stay on top of vital security and compliance updates for your clients.

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Save time and money

Easily and efficiently manage 1000s of devices, applications, and policies on behalf of your clients.

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Complement your offering with our professional services

Leverage our expert professional services to provide additional consulting expertise and support to your customers, when they need it.

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New revenue stream

Earn licensing commission on new SureDeploy agreements and renewals. Offer SureDeploy to your clients as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to generate ongoing endpoint and application management revenue.

Lower the Intune learning curve

SureDeploy extends the powerful deployment capabilities of Microsoft Intune, helping you deploy even faster, with more ease and confidence. This means you can get more done for your clients, in far less time – and with less administrative overhead. It also means your internal IT team doesn’t have to learn the complexities of Intune to deliver for your clients.

Lower your support costs

With SureDeploy, you can create a consistent, single operating environment (SOE) across all your client accounts – making it far easier to provide support and updates. This means your IT team can provide quality support, for less time and money. When a team – or a particular employee – needs a new device, it can be dispatched quickly, and used almost instantly. All the user needs to do is login using their secure credentials. And every device is configured identically, which means less time for employees to come up to speed.

Offer security and compliance services

Rapidly boost your clients’ overall security and compliance thanks to automated application updates, advanced threat protection, and the ability to select from a full library of pre-configured security policies.   You can also ensure adherence with the latest compliance regulations and recommendations by building their specific requirements into your clients’ policies, and monitoring performance with dashboards and audit reports.

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Save time and money

SureDeploy simplifies and streamlines management at every stage of a device’s lifecycle, from the moment it’s taken out of the box, to its end of life. Updates can be automatically packaged, tested, and pushed into an Intune tenant and out to all devices at any time—a seamless, efficient experience for both users and IT teams. As administrators, you also get a snapshot of all devices, applications, and policies via a single pane of glass. This makes it easy to detect issues, as well as stay on top of licensing updates and renewals for your clients.

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Complement your offering with our professional services

Leverage the expertise of our specialist team to provide additional consulting and professional services to your customers.

Already using Microsoft Intune to deliver deployment services to your clients?

SureDeploy takes the power of Intune even further, enabling you to:


Reduce the learning curve for your IT team

Simplify how you manage your devices, apps and security policies.


Get started quickly and easily

SureDeploy leverages pre-configured best practice processes to help you get set up within your Intune tenant.


Use our library of of 800+ existing security policies

Rather than creating your own security policies for Intune, select from our pre-existing library.


Roll back any Intune changes

Deploy confidently, with the ability to rapidly roll-back any updates.


Get the full picture 

See a real-time overview of your device app status at every step, via a single pane of glass.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the SureDeploy Partner Program involve?
A partnership with SureDeploy offers a wide range of benefits for you as a managed services provider or technology distributor. As well as giving you a powerful tool for automated, secure and efficient deployment services, you also gain a new and ongoing licencing revenue stream. You need to go through an application process and once approved will receive training and support regarding our technology and how you can use it to help your customers. SureDeploy can be a managed service you re-sell or you can offer your client a self service portal to save your team time and budget.
What qualifications are required to apply?
The application form of the SureDeploy partner program provides more detail. In short, our managed services partners are required to have a high standard of operation and a security-focused approach to managing client's needs. Other criteria may be required, such as an active client base or intention to start a mobile device management line of business, or adherence with security and regulatory standards. Call our team if you want to chat through the requirements in more detail.
Does the partnership program offer managed services?
Yes, managed services suit some partners who prefer not to be hands on or who don't have the resources or desire to drive these services. Some partners are the opposite and wish to utilise our policy libraries and the portal directly. The way in which you offer SureDeploy to your customers is completely up to you. It can also differ from customer to customer .
Are we able to service some clients and get SureDeploy help for others?
Yes absolutely. You can offer SureDeploy as a managed service to some clients or provide direct access to our solution to others. It's completely up to you and what works best for each situation .
Is Intune experience mandatory?
No. You do not need to have Microsoft Intune expertise to join our partner program. We can provide required training and support.
Is there a cost to become a SureDeploy partner?
No, there is not cost to join our partner program.
Why partner with SureDeploy?
There are several benefits to partnering with SureDeploy. Most importantly, our solution has specifically been designed to make your life easier and reduce the IT learning curve associated with Microsoft Intune. As a sure-deploy partner you also receive access to our specialist team, libraries and policies. You can also extend your service offering, enhance your revenue and deliver better services to your customers.
What makes a good partner?
We look to partner with organisations that share our commitment to innovation and exemplary customer service. We tend to work both with managed services partners and technology distributors who are enabling security posture policies for their clients or looking for ways to better deliver on the day-to-day challenges of managing a device fleet or standard operating environment. Organisations that already have clients using Microsoft Intune, SCCM or another mobile device management solution may also be ideal.
How can the SureDeploy Partner Program boost my revenue?
There are two key ways the SureDeploy partner program can boost your revenue. Firstly, we can provide you with a new, subscription-based service to offer your clients. Our licensing starts at just $1.99 per user. Secondly we can provide you with a solution that you can implement as a one-off engagement. Our team is available to help with enrolments or initial setup, as well as to provide guidance with device deployment. With our support, device deployment can be reduced from several days to just a few hours.
We are already Microsoft Intune Specialists. Can we be a SureDeploy partner too?
Our partner program is suited to MSP's with Intune lines of business who already have expertise implementing and on-selling Microsoft Intune to customers. SureDeploy is also designed to help organisations seeking to grow this area of their service offering. MSP's toolsets need to enable them to significantly streamline endpoint management and application deployments.

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