Cyberattacks on Australian retailers have more than tripled in the last 3 yearsi.

Is poor device management leaving your retail organisation vulnerable?

SureDeploy is proven to boost security, compliance and efficiency for retailers.

It's a difficult time to be in retail

As well as the ever-growing risk of cyberattack, there’s an extensive list of compliance requirements, and continual pressure to reduce operating costs.  

Cyberattacks on retailers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and traditional methods of security protection are no longer enough. Many retailers are also relying on dated endpoint devices which lack current security patches or are poorly configured.  

Also, while security risks are growing, the availability of skilled IT professionals who can mitigate the risks is not. A global shortage of talent means it’s increasingly difficult for many retailers to find workers who can reliably manage and secure their IT infrastructure.

Why SureDeploy for retail?

SureDeploy is a smart, simple, and cost-effective way to automate your endpoint device deployment and management - relieving the workload for your IT team, and boosting overall efficiency, security, and compliance.

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Ensure security and compliance

Attacks on the retail sector are growing in scale and sophistication. Automated threats were responsible for 62% of all retail attacks in 2022.ii SureDeploy boosts your overall security posture and compliance, by providing a full library of pre-configured security policies and automated application updates. Ensure adherence with the latest compliance regulations and recommendations by building specific requirements and controls into your policies, and monitoring performance with dashboards and audit reports.

Save time and money at every step

Most retailers now manage a dispersed network of devices across head office, in-store and remote locations.  SureDeploy simplifies and streamlines the way you manage these devices at every step, from the moment they’re taken out of the box, to end of life. Updates can be automatically packaged, tested, and pushed into an Intune tenant and out to all devices at any time—a seamless, efficient experience for users and IT teams. Administrators also see the status of all devices, applications, and policies via a single pane of glass. This makes it easy to detect issues, and stay on top of licensing updates, renewals, and hardware refreshes.

Get set up quickly and easily

With SureDeploy, you can leverage pre-configured policies and best practice to easily set up a standard operating environment (SOE) in your InTune tenant. Every device is then configured identically as part of this SOE, which means less time for employees to come up to speed, and a reduction in IT maintenance by up to 70%.iii

More efficiently manage endpoint devices

Extending the power of Microsoft Intune, SureDeploy allows you to manage 1000s of devices, security policies and applications, quickly, simultaneously and centrally, without having to manually package applications and create policies from scratch. You can also complete this endpoint management easily and rapidly, without a steep learning curve. When one of your stores, or a new employee, needs a new device, it can be dispatched quickly, and used almost instantly. All the user needs to do is login using their secure credentials.

Boost efficiency and lower costs with SureDeploy

800+ pre-built
security policies
900+ pre-packaged applications
90% reduction in maintenance costs
2-month time
saving per annum

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1000s of endpoint devices are
already managed by SureDeploy

Frequently Asked Questions

How can SureDeploy help with endpoint device security in Retail?
Retail often have a distributed network of devices and endpoints across multiple geographical locations. We often hear that retail IT teams be be stretched to cover all the bases from patching to curating applications and managing SOE's. With a mobile device management (MDM) solution like SureDeploy, you can bring all your device management together in a central location. Plus, you can achieve enhanced security, automated app distribution, and utilise the ability to enforce policies for regulatory compliance. If you would like to know more about how SureDeploy can work for your retail organisation, contact us about a demo.
What makes SureDeploy different to other MDM solutions?
SureDeploy is a smart solution that "Turbo charges" the power of Microsoft Intune. Faster ramp up for your org, SureDeploy includes a vast 800+ library of pre-configured policies which significantly streamlines and simplifies your Intune adoption processes—making SureDeploy much faster and easier to use than other MDM solutions. By leveraging our managed services, you can also save money, and ensure more robust security policies are configured, deployed and monitored without having to do all the work.
Should we manage SureDeploy and Intune in-house, or partner with an external managed services provider?
It Depends...Retail IT managers are often tasked with weighing up the pros and cons of outsourcing their IT to a specialist partner. After seeing a demo of SureDeploy and digging deeper into their requirements, most organisations we work with see SureDeploy as a ‘no brainer’.  The alternative is often a slow and steep learning curve, and time-consuming processes.  A lot depends on your org's internal MDM resources and expertise. When we provide a demo of our solution, we will openly discuss the advantages and drawbacks of the approaches being considered. We also speak about factors such as cost, compliance, expertise, the level of control you wish to retain, and your timeline.
Don't SureDeploy and Intune do the same thing?
Not quite. While Microsoft Intune offers a fantastic framework, it requires considerable configuration and maintenance to be effective. This is where SureDeploy comes in. You can think of Intune as a very robust but largely empty 'house' for your endpoint management. You then fill this 'house' with the pre-configured security policies and application packaging provided by SureDeploy. Without SureDeploy you would have to configure all of this 'interior detail' from scratch, which can be a huge overhead in terms of time and learning for your IT team. And just as a family's needs of their house changes, SureDeploy helps automate Intune via updates and application patching too.
How does pricing work?
Pricing is calculated according to the number of active users you have, per month. It starts at just AU$1.99 per user. Find out more about our pricing.
Is there a free trial?
The way in which SureDeploy interacts with Intune for identity or policy management, and the associated level of permissions required for its setup, means we are unable to offer a free trial. Instead we typically recommend a 1 - 3 month pilot for organisations new to endpoint policy management, or a Demo for organisations looking to build a business case.
What if I need help getting started?
Depending on how much help you need, our team and partner network can offer a scalable support to get you into production. We can also offer ongoing managed support and maintanence packages.
How long does it take to get stood up/configured?
Typically, setting up tenant baseline policies can take a couple of weeks. It may take longer, depending on your number of tenants, roles/groups, devices, and enrolment status. Request a demo or call with our team if timing is on your mind.
What happens if I cancel my subscription?
If you would like to cancel your subscription to SureDeploy, your use of Intune or any associated package apps will continue to function. However you will no longer receive any monthly updates, which may affect your compliance and, potentially, your security. If you're thinking of leaving our platform, give our team a call.
Do you offer support?
Absolutely! We offer ongong support and service level agreements (SLAs) that are customised to your needs. 24/7 follow the sun support is also available via our partner network.
What is endpoint management?
Endpoint management is the process of monitoring and updating any devices which are connected to your organisation’s network. This could include desktop computers, laptops, servers, mobile devices, and IoT devices. Endpoint security management involves a set of processes, tools, and policies designed to streamline the administration, monitoring, configuration, and security of endpoints throughout their lifecycle. Without effective and advanced endpoint management, your devices can very quickly become out-of-date from a security and compliance point of view, and be valuable targets for cybercriminals.

84% of tech leaders say software supply chain attacks
could become a
#1cyber threat within 3 years iv

Cyberattacks on retailers are becoming complex:
In March 2023, cybercriminals launched a supply
chain attack on technology firm, 3CX, planting malware
in a tool used to perform manual software updates.v

Automated threats were responsible for 62% of all
on Australian retailers in

"When we went searching, SureDeploy came up trumps in terms of its offering and value. SureDeploy has really alleviated complexity associated with desktop management, and enables us to seamlessly provide a reliable, fully updated and secure desktop solution."

Kevin GreyOperations Director, Emerge IT
Ben Mitrevski, Head of IT, Oroton

“Previously, setting up a store would take days – excluding travel time. As SureDeploy is so quick and easy to use, it has reduced the time required to set up a new store from days to minutes. It has also significantly reduced deployment time both for new stores and replacement devices.”  

Ben MitrevskiHead of IT, Oroton

“Thanks to CNS and SureDeploy, we were able to add 1,400 new devices to our existing environment with very minimal interruption, and without requiring any additional IT staff. Application updates and security patches are now deployed automatically, and the entire administration process is now far more streamlined and effective. It was the smoothest device rollout we have had in over 18 years.” 

Lyle CorvisyHead of ICT at St Andrew's

“While St Catherine’s has always provided a very high quality technology experience to students, the benefit of SureDeploy has really been from an IT administration and security perspective. The automation and rapid deployment of applications, policies, updates and patches has been invaluable.”

Brendan El-HadiICT Services Manager, St Catherine's School

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