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Today’s IT teams face all kinds of pressures: safeguarding the organisation from cyberattack, meeting compliance requirements and reducing operating costs - all while achieving the business’ digital transformation and modern workplace goals.   Cyberattacks are also becoming increasingly sophisticated, and traditional methods of security protection are no longer enough. Many businesses are also relying on dated endpoint devices which lack current security patches or are poorly configured.  Also, while security risks are growing, the global talent shortage means it’s extremely difficult to find skilled IT professionals who can mitigate these risks effectively. This is where SureDeploy comes in.  

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Why SureDeploy for your business?

SureDeploy is a smart, simple and cost-effective way to automate endpoint device deployment and management—for businesses of all sizes. It relieves the workload on your IT team, and boosts overall efficiency, security, and compliance.

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Ensure security and compliance

SureDeploy ‘turbocharges’ your overall security posture and compliance - providing your IT team with access to our library of 800+ security policies and enabling you to easily set up automated application updates. Ensure adherence with the latest compliance regulations and recommendations by building specific requirements and controls into your policies, and monitoring performance with dashboards and audit reports.

Save time and money at every step

SureDeploy simplifies and streamlines the way you manage every device within your modern workplace—from the moment they’re taken out of the box, to their end of life. Updates can be automatically packaged, tested, and pushed into an Intune tenant and out to all endpoint devices at any time - a seamless, efficient experience for users and IT teams. Administrators also see the status of all devices, applications, and policies via a single pane of glass. This makes it easy to detect issues, and stay on top of licensing updates, renewals, and hardware refreshes.

Get set up quickly and easily

Leverage pre-configured policies and best practices to easily set up and manage a Standard Operating Environment (SOE). By using SureDeploy to set up your Intune tenant, every device is then ‘magically’ configured as part of this SOE, which means smooth onboarding, less time for employees to come up to speed, and a reduction in IT maintenance by up to 70%.i New devices can be dispatched direct to users quickly and used almost instantly. All the user needs to do is login using their secure credentials, and their applications and policies are automatically applied.

More efficiently manage endpoint devices

Extending the power of Microsoft Intune, SureDeploy allows you to manage 1000s of devices, security policies and applications, quickly, simultaneously and centrally, without having to manually package applications and create policies from scratch. Managing endpoints using our platform or managed services (via our partner network), without having to navigate a steep learning curve, is a win for all.

Boost efficiency and lower costs with SureDeploy

800+ pre-built
security policies
900+ pre-packaged applications
90% reduction in maintenance costs
2-month time
saving per annum

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have Microsoft Intune?
Not necessarily, it depends on what you are hoping to achieve. While SureDeploy is ideally used in conjunction with Microsoft Intune, it can also work with Microsoft System Centre Configuration Management (SCCM) or other third party mobile device management solutions. We offer an application packaging service called AppFresh, which can output packaged applications in a variety of extensions for your particular device management solution. If you would like to know more about this please get in touch.
What happens if we are already using Microsoft SCCM?
Microsoft SCCM (System Centre Configuration Management) and Intune aren't mutually exclusive - so you can definitely use them both within your organisation. Depending on your roadmap for endpoint management and / or Intune adoption there can be a few things to consider. If you are currently using SCCM, your organisation can benefit from our AppFresh service, depending on your requirements for application lifecycle management. Typically apps need to be updated within certain timeframes in accordance with your compliance framework or security standards (e.g. Essential 8). SCCM users can also potentially use SureDeploy as a pathway to begin adopting Intune for device groups or organisational roles. Proof-of-concept or pilot projects can assist with building business cases for future projects.
Do I need to create security policies from scratch?
No! A key benefit of SureDeploy is our extensive library of pre-created and proven policies. You simply choose a baseline policy, modify it to suit your specific requirements, and then push it into Intune from our portal. Our team can either do this on your behalf or you can do it independently, via our self-service portal. We also offer a wide range of policies to suit all kinds of potential use cases.
Is SureDeploy customised to our environment?
Yes. While we have a wide range of pre-packaged baseline policies and applications, your SureDeploy solution will be customised to suit your organisation and your device deployment requirements. During our initial meetings we will provide you with a pre-rollout questionnaire through which we capture your customization needs. We can then get your Microsoft Intune or MDM platform tenant set up and connected in rapid time.
How do we get started with SureDeploy?
Getting started is easy. Simply book a demo or call our sales team. Our experienced team members can listen to your requirements and recommend a plan according to the stage your business is at e.g. a pilot or empowering your Intune team.
Is SureDeploy available on an as-a-service basis?
Yes! We can absolutely provide SureDeploy on an as-a-service basis. As part of this service we provide you with a portal, through which your IT team can manage every aspect of your account. Through this portal you can add user groups or review asset reports. You can also request applications to be packaged or added to the tenant via our app store. If this sounds interesting, book a demo or get in touch to find out more .
How does SureDeploy streamline device deployment?
SureDeploy is a smart, simple, and cost-effective way to automate your endpoint device deployment, remote deployment and device management—relieving the workload for your IT team, and boosting overall efficiency, security, and compliance. Through baseline presets automated deployment, SureDeploy makes mobile device management simple. It means you can manage 1000s of devices, applications, and policies quickly, simultaneously and centrally, without having to manually package applications and create policies from scratch. Offering robust, centralised deployment, SureDeploy streamlines your processes and makes life easier for your IT team, some clients save on additional FTE headcount others extend their team capabilities.

22% of Australian businesses experienced a
cyber security incident in the last financial year.ii

1 in 3 Australian IT professionals say they
want to leave their job due to workload.iii

1000s of endpoint devices are
already managed by SureDeploy

"When we went searching, SureDeploy came up trumps in terms of its offering and value. SureDeploy has really alleviated complexity associated with desktop management, and enables us to seamlessly provide a reliable, fully updated and secure desktop solution."

Kevin GreyOperations Director, Emerge IT
Ben Mitrevski, Head of IT, Oroton

“Previously, setting up a store would take days – excluding travel time. As SureDeploy is so quick and easy to use, it has reduced the time required to set up a new store from days to minutes. It has also significantly reduced deployment time both for new stores and replacement devices.”  

Ben MitrevskiHead of IT, Oroton

“Thanks to CNS and SureDeploy, we were able to add 1,400 new devices to our existing environment with very minimal interruption, and without requiring any additional IT staff. Application updates and security patches are now deployed automatically, and the entire administration process is now far more streamlined and effective. It was the smoothest device rollout we have had in over 18 years.” 

Lyle CorvisyHead of ICT at St Andrew's

“While St Catherine’s has always provided a very high quality technology experience to students, the benefit of SureDeploy has really been from an IT administration and security perspective. The automation and rapid deployment of applications, policies, updates and patches has been invaluable.”

Brendan El-HadiICT Services Manager, St Catherine's School

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