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Our goal: a smarter, simpler way of working

Whether you have five employees or 50,000, managing and maintaining endpoint devices and their applications can be incredibly complex and time consuming. We know this first-hand: we’ve done it for over a decade, through our parent company, CNS.  

In 2019, we decided there had to be a better, simpler and more automated way to manage it all—and SureDeploy was born.  Developed on the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, SureDeploy extends our extensive experience with Microsoft Intune and Microsoft SCCM to provide next-generation endpoint mobile device management and Application packaging.  

The team at CNS wanted to create something they we’d want to use ourselves and that other IT team’s and MSP’s like us would find useful too.  

When you add SureDeploy to your toolset, you don’t just get an industry-leading platform. You also get a passionate, expert team that’s there to support you at every step.  

Proudly Born out of CNS
Proudly Born out of CNS
1,000+ devices managed daily
1,000+ devices managed daily
Australian-based team of experts
Australian-based team of experts
Long standing Microsoft Partner
Long-standing Microsoft partner

We know the everyday IT challenges you’re facing.  
Because we’ve faced them too.

When you work with SureDeploy, you’re working with a team that has over a decade’s experience managing and maintaining endpoint devices and applications on behalf of our clients. We know how challenging, complex, and time-consuming this process can be - even when you already have powerful tools like Microsoft Intune in place.

What’s different about our approach?

We’ve been there, done that
We don't stand still
We're long-standing Microsoft partners

Since 1994, our parent company CNS has been solving technology problems and providing a range of managed services to our clients. We know the challenges of endpoint device management and maintenance, because we’ve experienced them too. It’s these special insights, and our real-world experience, that makes SureDeploy so effective.

Like any quality technology platform, SureDeploy is continually evolving. We invest heavily in research and development, and have a 12-month product roadmap which ensures SureDeploy is always delivering the results you need.    

We know most organisations already rely on Microsoft Intune or Microsoft SCCM for their endpoint device deployment and management. We do too. It’s why we developed SureDeploy on the Microsoft platform - to extend the powerful functionality of Intune, not replace it.

Meet our leadership team

Alex Huntington Head of Technical Services
Alex Huntington
Head of Technical Services
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Robert M
Robert McQuhae,
Product Technical lead
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Adam M
Adam Merry
Commercial Manager
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James Xuereb Strategic Partnerships Manager
James Xuereb
Strategic Partnerships Manager
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Jarrad O'B
Jarrad O'brien
Devops Lead
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Richard B
Richard Brodie
Development lead
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Alex A
Alex Alamein
Intune Specialist
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1000s of endpoint devices are
already managed by SureDeploy